What is Energy Healing


There are many forms of energy healing, but they all have one thing in common:  the person who receives healing feels terrific after the “treatment”; her or his life energy is now very high, her or his spirits are up, and her or his own healing power is greatly activated.


Some people see energy healing as a freeing up of the healing energy in the person.  Everybody has a huge amount of healing energy inside, but traumas and stress over the years make this energy stagnant.  And if the healing energy is not flowing, it can simply not do its work; it fails to keep or make us healthy.  Through energy healing this bound energy is freed up and healing form inside can take place.


Another way of viewing energy healing is that the healer guides energy from outside into the person who seeks healing.  This energy may come from a universal or a divine source.  It can be very specific, say, energy with the ability to unlock a frozen shoulder, or “unspecific,” overall healing.


Whatever way you like to look at healing, it can help you a lot.  Healing has been known to help where “regular” medicine cannot.  It can help with serious illnesses, but it can also help you to better deal with the daily stresses.  It always is a remarkable experience.  Just Give It A Try!

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