What is Therapeutic Art


Therapeutic Art is healing for yourself and others.Creating therapeutic art is an active meditation.It focuses your activity, increases your life energy, centers you, dissolves stress, relaxes you and enhances your health.Most importantly, it’s great fun, and:Everybody Can Do It!The therapeutic effects will also occur in everyone who looks at art created in this way.

Brigitte’s approach to Therapeutic Art is based on the research of Dr. John Diamond, a pioneer in holistic medicine and the world's leading authority on using art as a healing modality.  Dr. Diamond has developed a whole new way of looking at art: art is not in the first place meant to be pretty, but should raise the life energy of the beholder.  Any work of art that raises the life energy of the viewer is Therapeutic.  (Incidentally, only very few of the so-called “great works of art” do this.)

Brigitte teaches you to create art that has the power to raise your innate healing power.  Everybody can create such art, if taught in a specific way.  And the outcome is always Beautiful!




Brigitte teaches the following courses

(Individual lessons are possible too)



Healing Cards


This workshop will teach you how to use watercolors and pastels to create beautiful therapeutic greeting cards. By giving these cards as seasonal greetings, birthday wishes, etc., you can pass on the healing you experienced while making them.

This workshop is suitable for all ages, from children to seniors. Please email Brigitte regarding sample cards if you are interested in attending or in organizing a workshop.


Here a few examples for healing cards:



Green with halfround                                                          



gold - alive          


strong colors purple-blue                                                



blue-purple watercolor





Haiku Drawings


Haiku drawings are a one line drawing – with your eyes closed – with an always absolutely amazing outcome. It affects the movement of your body, your breathing, your whole being; it makes the beauty inside you visible. This workshop, too, is suitable for all ages.



Haiku on my flyers



Isn't it amazing how, with closed eyes, the lines can meet at exactly one place?



Haiku 40-2



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