My Intention & Philosophy


When you come to me I would love to be able to help you reduce your pain and your dis-ease, whatever it may be. But I have a second aim too.  I would love you to experience high life energy, a high flow of healing energy, of qi. This manifests as a strong feeling of peace and relaxation – and as a sparkle in your eye – the sign of deep inner joy-of-life.  Only with this present can the healing from within you start.

My work is generally gentle.  I don’t believe in force, not even in the success of forcing someone to get better.  I believe in guidance and support, in the allowance to heal.  Everyone wants to get better and has the power to get better, if the healing energy within him/her is not impeded in its flow.  My work is to free this flow by whatever means.

And this healing energy inside you is ultimately as potent as any drug, if you can set it free.

I am more interested in the sparkle in your eyes than in the disappearance of a symptom.  I know a woman who is in a lot of pain, but she still enjoys life – and another woman who has hardly any pain, but has lost her joy of life. Who suffers more?

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