Moxibustion (moxa + combustion) is the usage of the heat of the ignited herb moxa (mugwort) for healing purposes.  There are different forms of moxibustion. I prefer indirect stick moxibustion.


In this form moxa is pressed into the form of a cigar. This cigar is lighted and then held over specific acupuncturepoints. The patients feels a nice warmth penetrating into his body.


Moxibustion can be used for all pains that get better with heat. It is also very good for treating colds. Very well researched is its ability to turn the baby in the whomb if the baby doesn't automatically lie with its head towards the pelvis before birth. In China and Japan moxibustion on a specific acupuncture point called stomach 36 is used to increase general wellbeing and prolong longevity.



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